Traffic Control

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Program Overview:

The purpose of this training is to provide the basic guidelines for traffic control to be used by persons or agencies performing construction, maintenance, and utility work on any street or highway open to the public in the Province of Ontario, in order to achieve satisfactory levels of safety for workers and motorists. This program is intended for all persons who will be on highway / roadway projects where there is an opportunity for endangerment by vehicles and / or heavy equipment. Training is based on Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7.

Training Content:

  • General Requirements
  • Purpose of traffic control
  • Temporary work zone design
  • Traffic control devices
  • Implementing temporary traffic control
  • Equipment for Traffic control
  • Traffic control person
  • Signals and communication
  • Other training requirements


Each Participant receives a copy of the Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7 and a handbook for Construction Traffic Control Persons