Propane Safety Awareness

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Program Overview:

Propane is used Canada-wide in a variety of commercial, industrial, and construction projects. This Propane Safety Awareness training is for those individuals who handle and use propane cylinders in the workplace. This course discusses the basics of safe handling, use and storage. The training breaks down the science behind propane to ensure a thorough understanding of the way the chemical works. This program is designed to provide participants with a general understanding of the safe and efficient operation of propane handling, reduce or eliminate injuries or illnesses in the workplace related to handling propane, and be compliant with the Occupational Health Safety Regulations.

Training Content:

  • Ontario Regulations
  • What Exactly is Propane
  • Propane’s Characteristics
  • Hazards
  • Health Effects
  • First Aid
  • Training
  • Cylinder Markings
  • Transporting Propane
  • Propane Storage