Working Alone Safety

Working Alone Safety

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Training Objectives:

•Understand what “working alone” means

•Understand who is the lone worker

•Identify the occupations that involve working alone

•Identify how safe working alone is in different situations

•Understand the employer's responsibility to keep those who must work alone safe

•Look at the hazards related to working alone

•Recognize the measures that can minimize the risks when working alone

•Practical tips for staying safe when working alone

Training Topics:

•Does Ontario have a working alone Regulation?

•What is working alone?•

Who are lone workers?

•Is Working alone a problem?

•Health effects of working alone

•What employers can do to keep lone workers safe

•Training for workers who work alone

•Working alone and handling cash –store design –best safe practices

•Working late•

Going to and from work safely

•Traveling for work -alone