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In order to keep employees safe more workplaces are providing bear safety awareness training for their workers as they extend their operations further into bear country. All employees who work in or around bear habitats should receive proper training in order to maintain their safety and that of their coworkers. This training is also good for those individuals who like to hike and camp in wooded areas - bear country.

The intent of this course is to provide trainees with the knowledge and understanding needed before entering bear country and ensure they have a good understanding of bear safety in the event of an encounter.

• Bear encounters

• Bear behavior

• Bear identification

• Black Bear signs - tracks, feeding, trails, dens, etc…

• Locations where you will find bears – typically black bears inOntario

• Best practices – in bear avoidance – always be prepared

• What to do if you encounter a bear

• Bear warning signs

• Encountering bears – predatory encounter vs a defensiveencounter

• Video

• Knowledge Check (Quiz)

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