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The objective of this course is to provide participants an introduction to carrying out the safe operation of a chainsaw. Chainsaws are one of the most useful and widely used as well as one of the most dangerous tools a worker can use. This course is designed to educate workers who use a chainsaw about safety, maintenance, care and handling. Participants will gain an understanding in what contributes to accidents and how to avoid them. This course will familiarize participants with all the safety features of a Chainsaw and the importance of personal protective equipment. This course is valuable for anyone who needs to operate a chainsaw.

• Introduction to the chainsaw

• Applicable safety regulations

• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

• Identification and inspection of all chainsaw safety components

• Adjustments that are often required

• Starting and stopping techniques

• Safe handling of a chainsaw

• Notching and Fueling

• Limbing and Bucking

• Sharpening and Maintenance

• Practical Assessment

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