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Lone workers face specific risks that employees in busy workplaces are less likely to encounter.

Without coworkers around, it is often more difficult for lone workers to get help in the event of an emergency.

Who are lone workers? What are their risks? What does the law say about working alone? How can the employer keep lone workers safe? What can the lone worker do to protect themselves?

This course will provide a variety of practical controls designed to keep lone workers safe from harm. This course offers information for employers and workers – when working alone is part of the business model.

• Does Ontario have a working alone regulation?

• What is working alone?

• Who are lone workers?

• Working alone – is it a problem?

• Health effects of working alone

• What employers can do to keep workers safe

• Training for lone workers – what should it include

• Steps to keep lone workers safe

• Working alone in a store or business

• Working alone and handling money

• Getting to and from work when alone

• Travelling alone for business.

• Video

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